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Range Extended Electric Car

HK’s Choice:Micro Turbine Range Extender + Electric Motor

No milage anxiety or reliance on charging facility;

Capable of multiple fuels: diesel, gas, bioethanol, propane, etc.;

Higher efficency than combustion engine;

Low emission and noise;

Compact design, High power density;

Long Life;

No need for cooling or lubricating;

Simple structure, easy for maintainance.

Micro Turbine Power Generator (Range Extender)

Turbine works at a fixed rate of high efficency and low emission;

Battery technology and system of high power, high charging/discharging rate;

When vehicle is cruising, on-board battery can store excessive power;

Euquipped with HK graphene enhanced LTO battery - high power and high-C charging/discharging.

Specification and Advantages

Small in size and light in weight: about 1/3 ~ 1/2 of an internal combustion engine generator;

mooth operation with little viberation

No need for lubircating when air bearing is used;

Long life: 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Up to 30 years of life used as range extender;

Low noise: 65dBA measured 10 metres away from the engine;

Low emission;

Wide fuel applicability (gasoline, natural gas, diesel, hydrogen and propane).

Simple in Design
Inner Combustion Engine Parts

Composed of less than 40 parts;

Weighs only 91kg for a 60KW system;

Controllable cost with massive production capability.

5-Axial CNC Milled Turbine Parts
Micro Turbine Power Generator (Range Extender) – Energy Process
Micro Turbine Power Generator (Range Extender) - Layout
HK Agrees with Pininfarina Design Values
Harmony of proportions and volumes
Fluid surfaces and refinement of details
Materials and production quality
Essentiality of shapes
Enhancement of function and ergonomics
Long lasting design expression
New concepts and forward thinking
Advanced materials and technologies
Creating the future trends
Pininfarina Explored Micro Turbine in Cambiano
HK and Pininfarina Working Together