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HK Group’s financial component practices the modern industry-finance-integration theory to promotes industry upgrade, and drives its growth with the combined industrial and financial strength. HK Group adopts the core concept of capital involvement along the entire industry chain, and weaves finance into every link of it from procurement, production, sales all the way to capitalization surrounding strategic sectors. The Group has developed a set of innovative financial system that integrates financing, asset leasing, trade and export and technology upgrade. The Group will also channeled in upstream and downstream credits and assets to activate and accelerate capital flow in order to boost economic cycles of the entire industry chain.


HK finance component’s years of innovation experience in clean energy vehicles and environment protection have helped create a benign and balanced mutual interaction between industry and finance. From the beginning of 21st century, the Group has expanded its business from finance to real industry and made major investments in enterprise equity, manufacturing entities, technology patents and specific projects. The Group has built leading advantages in key clean energy vehicle parts and systems (batteries, motors and control system) , and has accumulated sufficient technology, equipment and talents to face the future and plan the industry development road map. The Group employs various financial instruments in M&As,targeting equities of overseas public companies and exploiting capital at different risk/return levels, including mezzanine capital, priority capital and M&A loans to maximize economic benefit and control risk through structured portfolio.


In the operation stage, HK finance team will join hands with HK business team to couple industry and finance, fully utilize multiple financial and derivative tools to boost actual product sales. It has developed varieties financial solutions including financial leasing, operating leasing and PPP (Public-Private-Partnerships) to better serve client enterprises.


While supporting the anchor business, HK finance component also takes promoting clean energy vehicles development in China as a major responsibility. It provides suppliers highly efficient tunnels and procurement models to ease their financial distress, and has developed financing services along the supply chain, including commercial factoring and import/export financing. At downstream level, it has launched Asset Backed Securitization, intermediate financial leasing services, and business channel service, so as to activate idle assets to reflow. By so doing it has created a comprehensive financial strategy that covers the upstream, midstream and downstream of the entire industry chain.